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What are some best-in-class product management processes?

27 November 2015

400 upvotes, 51k views

  • Over a dozen processes to help Product Managers manage products

Where are my dependencies? You're only a board away

8 August 2017


  • How to visualise dependencies with vanilla Jira

Feature Bloat – The Silent Epidemic

11 February 2016

  • 4 steps on how to minimize bloat in software products


What Elon Musk Taught Me About Agile Software Development

1 July 2015

150 claps

  • How Elon Musk aligns with the Agile principles

Carrying forward unfinished work in Sprints

14 November 2017


  • How to count and deal with work that goes unfinished in a Sprint

Planning the Unplannable with JIRA

5 April 2017


  • How to plan for work mid-Sprint in an Agile team

Why do some developers at strong companies like Google consider Agile development to be nonsense?

17 June 2015

100 upvotes, 33k views

  • Commentary on the state of Agile in practise

How to focus with work-in-progress limits

8 January 2015

  • Understanding how psychology and Agile techniques blend together

When to dump Scrum for Kanban

13 June 2014

50 likes, 3.5k views

  • Explains Kanban as alternative Agile method for practitioners on teams that need to react fast