From 250 to 60k: How to Growth Hack your Tweet’s Audience

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OR How emailing book authors sent my tweet on a frenzy.

*My tweet’s performance after one day*
> Not bad, right? **19 retweets and 77 favourites in just over a day.**

My most successful tweet prior to this one hadn’t cracked beyond the****2 retweet mark.

Let me share with you a little “growth hack” which changed that.

1. Pick a growth area

After reading Traction (I did recommend the book after all), I thought I’d look into the **Content Marketing **channel to

Reach out to “influential industry leaders”

And hustle.

The #GrowtHacking hashtag has been performing great for me over the past few months. I knew with enough push, I could get the tweet to spread.

*My tweet’s performance after two days — it’s a view of my [Buffer]( Analytics*
### 2. Prepare a list

For me it was quite simple, I had 5 books with authors to contact.

I decided I would:

  • Email (some of) the authors I referred to in my blog post.
  • Tag (some of) them in a Tweet.

3. Action

This is a sample email I sent:

*Example email I sent to the book authors*
**Most people responded. Awesome!** I even had a promise of a retweet.

With that up my sleeve, I posted the Tweet and bam, the rest is history.


I know I won’t get this kind of interaction for all my posts… But with a little bit of work, it was a bucket-load better than just adding a few hashtags to a tweet.

I think the key lesson here is that:

Leveraging high-quality existing networks is a promising way to get real traction.

Find your influential industry leaders and utilize their networks to get your message across.

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